Daring to try the new and not being satisfied with the present
As we head into a new age.

Our company has continued to develop as a trading company which specializes in electronic components since its establishment in 1949. We now provide clients from across the world with exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, with products and systems from our main product partner Fuji Electric and many others.

Electronics, our company's main domain of business, is now an essential part of our modern lives and continues to evolve daily as they are used in all types of products, from cars to home appliances. Our current lives would not be possible without the power distribution and management systems used in our society's infrastructure, semiconductors which are vital in AI, IoT and high speed data communication, and energy-saving electronics such as LED lights. We continue to set our sights beyond the electronics field and intend to strengthen our marketing functions, increase our range of products and fully meet the needs of every single one of our customers.

The world continues to change with the globalization of the market increasing rapidly by the day, and we are now faced with the task of solving our customers' diversified needs in a timely manner as we have never had to before.
To handle such an environment, we have increased our logistic capabilities in order to deliver the exact product needed, at the exact time it is needed, to the exact place it is needed. We have also strengthened our technical support capability so that we are also able to add value in this way. It is our company's mission as a member of society to solve societal issues, to contribute to the development of the economy and people's lives, and to add more value to society as whole.

Our company and all its members commit to keeping a spirit of challenging to try the new, so that we are able to adapt to changes, increase the level of satisfaction of our customers, and contribute to our industry as well as society.
We look forward to and thank you for your continual support.

Chief Executive Officer Shigeki Ebi

Chief Executive Officer
Shigeki Ebi